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BuilderEngine CMS V3 Release


BuilderEngine CMS Version 3 Alpha Release

We are proud to release Version 3 of the Open Source Content Management System - BuilderEngine. You can download this release here: 

The following is a snapshot of what is in V3:

  • New Dashboard
  • New Frontend Designer
  • New BuilderEngine Blocks, Bootstrap Blocks and Grid Blocks
  • New Blogs Module
  • New Payments Module
  • New Installer and Update System
  • New Editors & Frontend
  • Improvements & New Features the system
  • New Default Template Theme
  • New Mobile Responsive Checker
  • New Editing Plugins

With this release we want you to play with it and send your feedback to us. Tomorrow we will be posting on the Forums a Bug Report post where we will list known issues and where you can help by providing new issues for the our next major update: 3.1

In 3.1 Update the following is expected:

  • Core rewrites & major improvements.
  • Removing Short Tags & old code.
  • Optimization of the Core, Dashboard & Frontend.
  • Local Installs 100% working & supporting a wider range of Servers.
  • New Blank Theme Creation in Dashboard + introducing Inline Coding.
  • Voice Control & Full Screen introduced.
  • Improved Versions, Backups & Restore features.
  • New Module Creation & Cloning in the Dashboard.
  • New Blocks Creation & Cloning in the Dashboard.
  • BuilderMarket returns with submissions for 3rd party Themes, Modules, Blocks & Plugins.
  • Improvements across the Dashboard & Frontend.
  • New Blocks and New API's (3rd Parties)
  • Improved Templating System to support more Frameworks.
  • Fixes to known issues.

We simply ran out of time to include the above into 3.0, while we have some parts of this done - we have taken them out for the 3.0 release since they were not finished in time. Expect the above released for the 3.1 in May (next month). 

Version 3 of BuilderEngine represents a leap forward for CMS Platforms and we will continue to provide mini updates between 3.0 - 3.1 and beyond. The next few months is going to be very exciting with many improvements & updates that we hope will be of use to you. Thanks to all our supporters, we would not be here without you and do let us know what you think of the 3.0 release to how we can help improve it better for you. 

Keith Killilea
Founder & CEO - BuilderEngine 

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