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BuilderEngine V2 Release


On  the 30th of October 2013 at the Dublin Web Summit 2013, BuilderEngine Beta released & launched the Alpha Website Builder on 

Anyone can sign up on within seconds and create an free website that you can keep for as long as you want with extended trials on the alpha builder. You get an free sub-domain on and free top-tier hosting included with up to 80mb of space to start off with. BuilderEngine Cloud Website Builder is currently in Beta mode at this time.

So who are we? BuilderEngine is located in Galway City, Ireland in the Accelerator called: Builderspace on the Sean Mulvoy Road. We are an small team and fund ourselves through extra services such as on Our goals is to make the Web in whole as much as possible, Yours. Building an Website is one thing, but there is so much around this and with our new partners - BuilderEngine will be your gateway to bringing the Web to your home. 

Over at the BuilderEngine Features page, you can see what we have released and what is coming soon. It will take up to six months or more to roll out everything but when we are done with your help - we will make the experience of creating any type of website, of any size or unique awesomeness an reality. Websites, Apps, even making your own web application software modules / plug-ins! Plus we are seeking more partners to help fill in the gaps from legal, accounts, sales, social and more. However we can't be all things to everyone, this is where our upcoming Marketplace will be launched that will allow 3rd Party Developers, Designers & businesses to release their offerings to you (we will check everything before any 3rd party add-on is released). This Marketplace will work for both the CMS ( and the Cloud Website Builder (, one click installs all the way!

As our current version is in Beta mode, everyone who signs up and helps us out with feedback, suggestions and really anything, will get an free upgrade to our premium plans when launched as an small Thank You. During Alpha expect vast changes until we are out of it - so if your looking for an production version, you might want to wait until the alpha period is over with. 

Updates to your Website will appear in your Admin Control Panel for your decision to update to the latest version which will include these changes, fixes and so on. We are currently working on an list of known bugs and an update of one little nasty versions control bug has been issued. Over the coming days we will be releasing more sections to from Support to how to submit bugs, enhancements, etc. 

Last but not least, we are working on the first set of new Templates / Themes that will be released in the coming weeks ahead. So more options can be given to your website. The current Pro Theme with the Style button can in effect change every color from backgrounds to the Move / Resize tool to completely change the template into an whole new one - but we all like new theme options so they are coming still.

Now that we have our Blog up and other sections coming online soon, expect to hear alot more from us! Also remember we update our Facebook page with the latest news & bits, so go there if you want as well. If your looking for CMS news, bare with us as we get sorted out & independent news on the CMS Platform there. 

Thank you for trying out our new Alpha Cloud Website Builder, this is just the beginning at an early stage and from all of the team we hope your experience is an good one!


Founder & CEO - BuilderEngine

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