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Community Edition Beta 1.0


BuilderEngine Community Edition is now released at beta Version 1.0 for download on

With each Beta Release from version 1.0 to 3.5.1, we have now released this version of the platform for download. On behalf of the team here, I would like to thank all the alpha users in testing, sending feedback and suggestions over the years in making BuilderEngine CE what it is today. 

Here is a breakdown on the 1.0 version:

  • Advanced GUI to create & manage layouts, content, elements, and everything else on pages with drag & drop controls.
  • eCommerce module for creating shopping cart websites with invoices, payment gateways, shipping options, currency, and much more.
  • Blog module included with comments, reports, and standard options.
  • User Dashboard for Website customers to login into their own dashboard to create new Blogs, Account settings & eCommerce details.
  • Version controls of published pages to go back or forward.
  • Easy to use File Manager.& editing images.
  • Membership management and various options to control Registrations.
  • SEO options per page, global and embedding analytics across all public pages. 
  • Backups and Restore of Website files, Database and Blocks. 
  • Free Updates to the platform with one click updates from the Admin Dashboard.
  • Free Template Themes on to download and more coming soon.
  • Interactive Tutorials on the Dashboard and Frontend in how to use BuilderEngine CE
  • Revert Database content tool, which will fall back to reading default page content files.
  • Dozens of Blocks from Sliders to Contact Forms and Module Blocks, which all can be added, mixed to any page in giving maximum flexibility to designs.
  • Bootstrap based Template System, allowing a familiar system to easy convert Bootstrap Templates into BuilderEngine.
  • Mobile Responsive view options to see how pages look on various resolutions.
  • Edit tool that is quick to make text changes and free movement to re-position blocks anywhere on any page outside of the responsive rules.
  • PHP/MySQL system and using the Codeigniter 3 Framework at the base of BuilderEngine CE.

We also have Community Forums for BuilderEngine CE users to talk about the platform, make suggestions and help each other. For support we have the new Support Tickets section where you can get direct support from the BuilderEngine Development Team, send bugs & issues to us or just to say Hi to us!

Next up is the 1.1 release of the Community Edition which has been in the works since February and includes fixes / improvements to misc issues as well an extra clean-up of files. In 2018 we will start to release on the public Github for the first time and allowing the community of developers supporting BuilderEngine CE to jump in, make new branches, improvements and bug-fixes with our oversight on the platform. We are very excitied to see BuilderEngine CE get released on the public Github on v1.1. 

The name change to Community Edition is important as we are now working on Version 4 which is the upcoming Professional Edition with a core rewrite to take what makes BuilderEngine good currently to the next level along with many more modules (which have been sitting in beta for some time). More details of V4 will come in the coming months and once released it will sit alongside the Community Edition as an alternative platform to use (alongside a converter tool to move content to V4). 

The 1.0 version number change is also an important note since the platform is no longer in alpha and represents the basic standard of a CMS Platform that includes advanced interfaces to control designs & content, comes with eCommerce with no strings attached, Blogs and much more. 

As we build up CE 1x series with future updates to include more functions and abilities. This represents not just a CMS Platform but a soon to be Web Engine which is seen as a complete Web System for Website Designers & Developers that is fully complete to allow you to build remarkable & beautiful websites very quickly, full set of controls & editors. BuilderEngine CE is not about making simple websites but complex websites out of the box and future updates is to make this easier, better and faster. Inspired not by other platforms but by game development engines & app development engines, and bring this to the Web in full with BuilderEngine CE & Pro Editions.  

We got more to do, this is just the beginning of the CE version and thanks again to everyone in supporting the alpha & previous beta versions, as well into the future. 

Download the latest version of BuilderEngine Community Edition Here.

- Keith Killilea
Founder of BuilderEngine

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