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New Update to the Web Engine - September 09/09/2018

The latest version of BuilderEngine is out for both the Cloud ( and CMS version (download on This update focused on bug fixes and improving the Frontend editors / controls. 

  • Frontend Layouts improved & styles.
  • Moving Blocks improved, including with empty columns.
  • New Control buttons added to both Designers.
  • Renaming Designers to Simple & Standard to better represent what they do. 
  • Removal of Right Blocks Bar, now only one Leftside Blocks Bar.
  • Blocks Bar new Previews, Structure and Page Layouts added. 
  • Content Blocks fixed to save content and CK Editor Source box fixed with colors. 
  • Publishing Page fixed to work every time on changes & Live Status.
  • Version Controls fixed to work first time & kick in straight away. 
  • Undo button added on changes (more to do on this on the next update). 
  • General Frontend improvements & fixes to make page editing or creation better.
  • CP Blogs & Events fixed. 
  • New Default Theme
  • Module bug fixes.
  • Missing Blocks added to the Block Bar, including the first CP Blocks.
  • Old User Dashboard fully removed & misc Blocks.
  • Store Module improvements with new layouts for Products. 
  • Admin Dashboard improvements including Store Dashboard Theme fixes.
  • Font Awesome fixes with (i) tags in the CK Editor. 

There is also extra improvements to the Cloud Version.
  • New Survey Module & Block added. 
  • Services Module & Blocks improved, including a fix with Hourly Services dates. 

Finally there has been a major change to the licenses of both versions.
  • The CMS version is now fully under the Open Source MIT License including all modules included. 
  • The Cloud version is now under the BuilderEngine Commercial Software License. 
With the CMS version being put fully under the MIT License, we will be pushing this version out to the public GitHub shortly. The Cloud version contains the extra modules such as: Services & Survey plus new modules arriving in the next update and is under the Commercial Software License. In case it's been missed, every Website created on (Cloud), you can now access the CPanel Hosting account to the files and database plus extra options in there. This brings both Cloud & CMS closer inline with each other and the first "Website Builder" to fully open the hosting account of each website. 
We recently made the decision to move the main website servers to AWS, with this we were able to reduce prices on Subscriptions as well changed the currency back to Euro - at some point soon we will introduce multiple currency options for payment. Also we will be launching extra Package Plans in the future including dedicated accounts ( - not a subdomain!), IP Addresses, DNS Controls and Domain Names. For CMS users, we will add the Cloud Modules as an additional option in the future to officially use them on your own hosting accounts.
This concludes the details of the latest update and recent changes to the Web Engine. We value your feedback so do keep sending it in so we can make further improvements for you and with this release we will start to promote BuilderEngine for the first time with both the Cloud & CMS versions. Exciting times ahead!

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