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Web Engine Release


The BuilderEngine Web Engine is officially released with Version 1.1.2 now available

The Web Engine is one of the most powerful & featured packed Platforms released. Taking many years of development by a small core team with uncountable hours gone into it and many alpha to beta releases along the way. We have seen V1, V2, and a long road of polishing with V3 until the birth of the Web Engine with the beta release over a year ago. Now for the first time we have deployed all the main modules into the platform, where this release represents for us our polished MVP, and yes we have still much more to do with the Web Engine but as one now, is a stable version for production ready websites. 

Let's take a look at what is there under the hood:

  • Every module included is featured packed and built as a full complete system in owns right, while still capable of working with each other on any page. 
  • Member bans/suspend ability and Facebook login API included. 
  • Custom Dashboards & color schemes. 
  • Expanded Analytics and statistics on website use across members, modules & sales. 
  • Payments upgraded such as the Stripe API and PayPal with an All Orders section of sales from every module in one table.
  • Automatic Invoices with orders, print invoices, PDF's and much more.
  • 40+ Templates ready to download for free, covering most module types as a starting point. 
  • Members Dashboard upgraded to allow adding of new blocks, changing layouts and adding Account Pages from the Website Pages section. 
  • Navbar links allow external links & improvements.
  • Members System upgraded with new Roles & Permissions to control each usergroup quickly with on/off options across all modules as well Members Dashboard options.
  • Extended Member Profile fields, Members Profile Page, Edit Account details, Delete Account, improved Verification process, Subscriptions and more. 
  • Frontend Designers have got improvements to how far they can go without a core rewrite. Versions system is fully working. 
  • CSS & JS tidy-ups across modules and blocks. 
  • Updating System is functional with this release. 
  • CK Editor improvements, Lightbox added by default, and module color schemes improved to allow Themes to quickly deploy multiple different colors site wide.
  • Modules capable of standalone type websites or membership based websites and extra new email messages as well with improvements on Admin Dashboard Notifications. 
  • Online Store module for standard eCommerce shopping websites.
  • Classifieds module for buying & selling with adverts, private messages, advanced search and also payment options. 
  • Events module for free or paid events, calendar, listings, Google Maps API, discounts, and so on. 
  • Meeting Rooms module for booking rooms by members or for venues with free to paid options of per minute to per hour. 
  • Membership module allowing visitors to sign-up as members with payment, upgrading between different usergroups, durations of memberships, and much more.
  • Audio Streaming module for playing music / audio files, membership based with channels and albums.
  • Photo Galleries module that is membership based with each member account having their own photos, albums, ratings and follow abilities.
  • Video Channels module which is also membership based like any other popular video streaming website and while uses enhanced HTML5 features, can also accept videos elsewhere.
  • Forums module for community or support websites with areas, topics, threads, posts, banning, locking threads, and so on. 
  • Blogs module, as standard as you can get with one with categories, posts, search, tags and comments, plus reports. 
  • Payments module where all other modules hook into for accepting credit cards / debit cards, orders, and management of sales. 
  • SEO improvements with pages, File Manager fixes & improvements and backups/restore of the website.
  • Admin Dashboard improvements with new GUI & options. 
  • New Demo content added to all modules, as well multi-select options in tables to remove content in one go. 
Coming up next over the summer is updates for: 
  • Core cleanups and further module cleanups. We want to streamline the whole code base as much as possible next. 
  • Frontend Designers overhaul, in order to achieve the build from GUI first approach, we need to rebuild the frontend designers - including it's base with templates & blocks. We will be making sure what you use BuilderEngine for now is still compatible and visually the frontend will look almost the same but with far more options, layout improvements & better block options. 
  • Fixes, Improvements & Bugs. 
We will be providing more updates and details on this over at the Forums as the team gets more time now to be active from the dark caves we have been in for a long time cooking up all this stuff for release! Thank you to everyone who continues to support the platform and ourselves. We want to give you guys something truly remarkable, not just another CMS Platfrom or eCommerce Platform or Website Builder but a Web Engine for all types of website creations.
Let's kick things off!
Founder - BuilderEngine

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