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Website Builder Beta Release


The BuilderEngine Beta Website Builder is now released on

This beta release has been in the works for half of the year, is now released. Sign-in or Register for a new account to launch a new website and experience the finished build. It has taken 4 years of development, early releases between Version 1, 2, 3 and listening to all the good feedback from ten's of thousands of users using BuilderEngine. We started out with an ambitious goal of developing a robust Website Builder that is featured packed, flexible in design and a fully developed GUI to control everything. A platform for new people to learn & achieve a fully built website, while for professionals giving you the options you always wanted but never fully got with a modern Website Builder or CMS Platform.

Here is the breakdown on this new release:

  • Optimized Core, Blocks, Modules and 90% increase in performance. 
  • All Blocks improved with new settings, bug fixes, and new blocks added.
  • eCommerce module is fully part of the default system, with no limits or restrictions and is part of the base package.
  • Blog module is updated with improvements & fixes.
  • Payments module updated.
  • eCommerce module updated, fixed and improved.
  • CSS & JS improvements, less calls & files involved.
  • New File Manager, New Text Editor, and extra options in both.
  • Designer mode updated, fixed up and works very good with most combinations of rows/columns, blocks, resizing, drag & drop, etc.
  • Edit mode updated with improved resizing & free mode placement improved.
  • Versions fixed & working (we are looking to improving it further in the next update). 
  • New Editor Navbar, cleaner, slicker, works better from feedback. 
  • Mobile Responsive of editors & themes updated. 
  • New Office section added, the next update will include new 3rd party / partners integrations for you to manage your business, users, sales, files, emails, etc.
  • BuilderMenu updated with better information & options. 
  • New Biz-Hub Theme added, setting the example of future themes coming soon after this release.
  • Dashboard sidebar options improved, tidy-ups, help information on field boxes, and all Dashboard pages polished off.
  • Dashboard new options added, misc features removed that were not needed.
  • Cloud API updated & improved. 
  • Cloud Dashboard make-over, faster & cleaner. All pages polished & improved / fixed.
  • New Cloud Themes page, view all your websites and select new themes on one page (old themes page still there per site).
  • New Modules page, same as the themes. New add-on's will arrive in 2017.
  • New Settings page, configure all your websites on one page & again the old settings page per site remains as well.
  • New Cloud News section on Homepage, helping us share important information to users.
  • All Themes updated & fixed. 
  • Update release to current websites, automatically will apply on login to your website (please give it a minute to update, it's pretty big!).
  • New websites created use the latest version from today.
  • Thousands of improvements & bug-fixes (please thank Dave for his relentless QA).
For CMS users, we are working on wrapping up that release over the next few days and we are changing the name to BuilderEngine Community Edition 1.0 Beta. This build will also for the first time go out on public responsivity & we will be releasing all Cloud Themes to CMS users to download. eCommerce module is also now part of the make-up of the CMS Platform in the same way as the Blog module is, no limits, no fee's, - it's all yours to use as you wish in the Open Source world. As this now makes the CMS Platform an eCommerce Platform as well, we are excited to see what you guys do with it in building your websites.

Now we can move on with Guides, Tutorials, Support Tickets, Improve the Forums, Videos, Development Documentation and much more. This part is vital to support both Cloud and CMS platforms, one the team is very focused on doing now that we have completed the platforms. Platform updates are already in the works with small improvements as we keep both updated regularly. 

Finally to confirm with this release, all new registered users will get a whooping six months free trial !! This includes two websites to use, no restrictions, no limits on pages or number of eCommerce products. After this period if you want to keep your websites you will need the base Website Builder Package which is a subscription for a year. ! 

The whole team thanks you for being early adopters of BuilderEngine, your feedback, your support and as we now have the beta build released - we are going to start adding a few of those extra wish-list features you guys wanted. 

BuilderEngine has on average 3,000 new users per week for most of this year, which has given the team a boost as we worked days & nights with these updates to wrap up the platforms. We are increasing our ability to offer more support to you guys and help you make better websites for yourselves or your clients. 

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More news to follow with the CMS release in the coming days. As always, send us feedback on the Website Builder & how we can improve things better. 

- Keith

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