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Create New Website

Guide by: Keith Killilea 31.Jan.2018

Getting started with the basics of creating your new website.

If you have questions during the process or require assistance, you can always contact us for help or ask in the community forums.

Step 1 - Account Dashboard

Sign into your new Website Builder Account on and go to the Launch New Website option. If you have exceeded the number of websites to your package plan, you will need to upgrade to increase the number per account or remove one of your website.

Step 2 - New Website Details

Give your new website a name & the subdomain will auto-fill with it, which you can manually adjust to another subdomain name if you wish. The next part is the Website Admin details such as username, email address and password. This is auto-filled from your account on (same password as you log into but you can change these manually & recommended to do this. Pressing the Create Website button will start the process of your setting up your new website. 

Step 3 - Logging Into Your Website

Once the Website Setup is completed, you will be automatically logged into your new website. When you want to log into your website the next time, you will need to go to your subdomain website: or your domain name if connected. You can also access your websites from logging into and going to the Websites & Settings page.

To access the Administration Dashboard & Frontend Editors, you need to login with your website admin details by putting "/admin" in the url address of your website. Example:

Step 4 - Install New Themes

To change the template theme on your new website, you can do this after your website is created and by logging back into your account on Go to the Marketplace & selecting the Install New Themes option. Here you can browse the different themes & simply click the Install button, which gives you the option of which website you have created to install this theme into. The new theme will be automatically installed on your website.

Alternative Website Creation

When creating a new account by selecting the Get Started button on the website, you can go through the website creation wizard in selecting your Website Type and then select the Website Theme you want installed. The last part is the New Website Details form, where you give your website a name and pressing the Create Website button to setup your new website. 

We will be adding & extending the Website Creation Wizard in 2018 with more options and adding it to your Account page for easy access.

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