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Module Basics

Guide by: Keith Killilea 31.Jan.2018

Getting started with the basics of the BuilderEngine Modules.

If you have questions during the process or require assistance, you can always contact us for help or ask in the community forums.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is the backend to your website and contains all important settings & options in how your website works. To access the Admin Dashboard, go to your website url address and add the following: /admin

Example: or

BuilderEngine Modules

The following outlines the key options in this section:

  • Modules: Multiple advanced modules comes with your Website Builder.
  • Marketplace: View & install new themes and plugins.
  • Audio Player: Channel based audio streaming module.
  • Blog: Standard blog module
  • Booking Events: Events or membership events type website with tickets.
  • Booking Rooms: Membership bookings of rooms or venues with calendars.
  • Payments: Payment providers such as Stripe & PayPal, along with all Orders/Invoices.
  • Classifieds: Membership based classified module with ads & optional online payments.
  • Online Store: Standard product based store with multiple options, checkout & shippings.
  • Forums: Membership based forums module with areas, topics, threads and posts.
  • Photo Gallery: Channel based photo galleries with albums, follow, rating, likes & more.
  • Videotube: Channel based video streaming with albums, follow, rating, likes & more.

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