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Text Editor Basics

Guide by: Keith Killilea 31.Jan.2018

Getting started with the basics of using the text editor.

If you have questions during the process or require assistance, you can always contact us for help or ask in the community forums.

Accessing Text Editor

Selecting Standard Designer on the page your editing, hover over a Block and click the Edit Contents icon. The Text Editor now appears. 

Selecting Advanced Designer on the page your editing, left click on a Block and the Text Editor now appears. 

Text Editor Basics

The Text Edito contains multiple options to change fonts, headings, styles, and more. Also add images, tables,  and links. Use the clipboard to paste in saved content such as from Microsoft Word or other places. 

To input content into your block, just start typing as would normally do and once finished, click the Publish button on the Editor Toolbar to make these changes live (saved). 

Adding HTML

Select the Source button on the Text Editor to bring up the pop-up box where you can paste in your HTML code or Embed code (EG: YouTube Video or Social Network Embed code). Click okay on the pop-up and your code is now added to that block. 

You can paste or write HTML code in this box. Use it to copy your old website contents or new. If your website page has only one block, you could in theory copy a whole page elsewhere of the HTML source code and paste it in, which will then look closely like the other page (depending on style settings). The source option accepts anything you throw at it with HTML. 

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